Clumsy - Zoe Wakelam

After finding my blog through Nielsen Reaveley, the incredibly talented Zoe Wakelam got in touch with me about her wonderful new single 'Clumsy' and you're going to love it!

Sounding very similar to English singer/songwriter Dodie with her happy, light guitar melodies and soft pop beats, Zoe has a big career ahead of her! The song 'Clumsy' is about her having "whoopsie daisy" moments such as when she spilt tea over someone she had feelings for, not the best move to make in front of your crush haha.

I love the song and you will too! It sounds incredible. It's upbeat, the soft beat makes it an easy, listenable tune. One of my favourite parts of the song is towards the end where she whistles to the tune which gives the song a nice sweet ending! This is what Zoe had to say about her latest single:
All of the lyrics in this song are based off of true moments of clumsiness; I really did blow my tea so hard it splashed all over the carpet and my crush. Recently a lovely blue-haired fan spilled red wine on me at my gig, so I feel a bit better now.
Zoe’s style of music was inspired by the likes of Dodie, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Twenty One Piløts. Her sound combines Pop/Folk genre with layered vocals and quirky lyrics, Zoe’s songwriting is thoughtful but within the listeners grasp, often tackling subjects such as loneliness, courage and anxiety, with honesty and hope. This is key to a songwriter such as Zoe as it means more to her and then her fans can connect with her and builds a strong relationship between Zoe and her fans. 

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That will be it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to check Zoe out and stream 'Clumsy' and if you have an upcoming single and want me to review it, be sure to contact me via my socials: TwitterInstagramFacebook or even email me at!! Until next time...

Byeeee :)


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