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4 Arists, 3 New Singles and 1 New EP

I'm a bit late to this and wasn't going to write a blog on last weeks New Music Friday, however, there was so much good new music by some of my favourite artists that, I just couldn't help myself. So lets get started with the wonderfully talented Holly Humberstone!!
Holly Humbersone - Overkill

A new artist but not new to TheHarviePost. I have done previous reviews on her singles in the past including 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel'. This is Holly's 3rd single and it is yet another hit, it's just incredible!! On Instagram, Holly said 'I wanted Overkill to capture all the thrill and uncertainty and confusion and the many other emotions that come with falling for someone for the first time.' If you know Holly or have heard her previous singles, you can tell she enjoys writing her music based on things that have gone on in her life which makes them more personal and truthful to her. 
During lockdown, making music can be very hard but making a music video cou…

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