Zoe Wakelam - Acceptable Hell

Zoe is back!! After her amazing third single 'Clumsy' was released earlier this year which you can check out here if you missed it! Zoe now has a brand new single that will catch you all off guard called 'Acceptable Hell' and you will love it!

Compared to 'Clumsy', Acceptable Hell brings a completely new sound from Zoe. Clumsy was fun and quirky where as Acceptable Hell is calm but has a more meaningful message behind the song. Acceptable Hell was written by Zoe about knife crime and the public system. This song is quite personal to her due to the fact she dropped out of high school after experiencing bullying and violent threats. She said "Coming to the UK from Australia I faced bullying and other school issues. It was when I went to high school and I was verbally threatened with a stabbing, that I realised how ill equipped the school was in dealing with the issue, it was handled quite poorly. I left school at 13 to be home-educated as I felt I wasn’t becoming my true self in the environment I was in at the time".

I love the song but the artwork is also insane!! There's so much to it which you don't even realise, you get the effect of fire which gives the image of hell. Then the paper around the outside gives the effect of school where the events took place. Below are a few pictures that took place on the photoshoot to get the cover art! Proper cool!!

After gaining inspiration from the likes of Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots, you can definitely hear the Billie Eilish in the melody! 'Acceptable Hell' is pure indie pop that is sure to please both the lyric analyser and the melody seeker. After speaking to Zoe about her idols, she said "I love the freshness of their sounds and their genre fluidity. Twenty øne Piløts have always been a huge influence for me, in the depth of their lyrics, and the story they create around their albums".

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That will be it for this blog, hope you enjoyed and be sure to stream 'Acceptable Hell' till your hearts content!! If you are an upcoming artist just like Zoe, no matter what genre!! Be sure to get in touch and I would to find out more and write blogs on your latest music!! Be sure to check me out or contact me via my socials: TwitterInstagramFacebook or even email me at Theharviepost@gmail.com!! Until next time...

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